Online casinos are still a fairly recent concept, but they have taken off so quickly and there are now millions of regular online players all over the world. There are some places where it is illegal to gamble online, with the United States of America being one of the biggest. But north of the border, online casinos are legal in Canada, and also in Europe the market is very strong there for online gambling as well.

As online casinos offer a level of convenience that you will never find in offline casinos, they continue to become the first place that players like to go and play their favourite games now. The ability to be able to turn on your computer and play, or even play your favourite games on your phone has really caught on and is only going to get bigger too.

The quality of the online casino games is another reason why people are happy to play on their computers or phones. The games are of a very high standard now and whether you prefer the table games like Roulette or Blackjack, or you are primarily a slot player, the games will really impress anyone that has not played them before, and goes onto an online casino for the first time.

It is not just the quality of the games that draws player in to play at online casinos, but also the amounts that some of the games pay out. There are many games that have 6 figure jackpots attached to them, and then there is even a progressive jackpot game that has a jackpot with a base amount of 1 million, and regularly goes up into the multiple million range. So the ability to play online and win a life-changing jackpot is certainly very alluring for many people.

If you live in a country where online casinos are legal and regulated then you will have a lot of different casino sites that you can play at. Some are better than others, but the fact that they are all tightly regulated now means that they are all run to a high standard and all offer the protection you need when you are making financial transactions online.